For Sale!

This is a first for me...selling a rug here, on this blog.

Usually, I custom-make these rugs, as ordered, or as gifts. 

But, when I started this one, I had no-one in particular in mind. I just liked the "stained glass" effect of these colors.

This rug measures approximately 24" by 39".
My usual rate is $10/sq.ft., which in this case is $60.00.
Of course, there will be shipping costs, if shipped. 
Doll and tea cup collection, not included! ;-)

I also have enough strips from these colors to make a "matching" rug, if someone is interested in purchasing a coordinating pair of rugs. 

One more thing...the proceeds from this rug will go directly toward the purchase price of my other "delightful distraction", a mountain dulcimer! :-)
Leave a comment, here, if you are interested; or, message me on facebook.

To Missouri, With Love

It took me way too long to get this one off to these special boys and their nautical-themed bedroom! What fun I had choosing the fabrics from my stash. Ideally, there should have been more red; but, sometimes a little goes a long way, and adds just the right sparkle. 

Just can't beat the sparkle in their eyes when they received it, though. And, that's what it's all about, folks. :-)


Prayers Attend and Abound

The moment I laid eyes on these fabrics, I knew they were destined to become a "retro" rug for my Tennessee friend, Delinda.

Can you see how this particular fabric became the "core" fabric from which I chose the other colors?

The rug, completed!

I just loved the way these colors melded together.

And, I had the extra-special treat of hand-delivering it to Delinda, on our way to our daughter's wedding in Kentucky.
What a joy to meet, face to face! And, for our sons to meet their special pen-pal!!  

I think she likes it. :-)

Even though the rug is done and gone, my prayers will continue for this truly remarkable family. They have a permanent place in my heart. <3 font="">

Long Time, No See...

Obviously, creating rag rugs and blogging about them hasn't been top priority this last year! 
However, I HAVE made at least THREE; and, although they are quite similar, they are each unique and were a joy to make for three, lovely ladies.

I have two more "in the works" for two very special telling how long it will take me to complete them, at the rate I'm going. :-)

Arthritis in my hands is partly responsible for the slow-down; but, I enjoy this craft so much, I'm not willing to give in, yet. I have many colorful fabrics just "itching" to be woven into a rug! I keep them where I see them daily; and they call to me, "pick me, pick me".  Or, so it seems. ;-)

Spring Has Sprung and Gone

A gift for my dear, lifelong friend in NM

Custom order for the Postmistress' granddaughter

Humble beginnings 
 It was just the right time of year to work with these bright and happy colors!

Before I knew it, I had another order:
More pinks and greens, but, in old-fashioned tones this time. I was especially pleased to finally have just the right rug for a favorite print that I had saved for years.  :-)  The following photos chronicle the rug's progress from choice of fabrics to the 20" x 44" finished rug. And, today it's off to Canada!  
My second "international" rug. :-)
What a pleasure to work with these rose garden colors!

May it tickle and comfort the feet of Sandra for many years!

P.S. A Plug for a Fellow Rugger

As they say, "There's more than one way to skin a cat!"
~there's also more than one way to crochet a rag rug. 

Check out this dear friends' blog for details on her method, 
and enjoy viewing the beautiful workmanship!

This way is much less time consuming, as the strips are not connected by stitching them together, but by pulling through a slit cut in each end. Also, the narrower strips are not folded to hide the raw edges. This gives a more rustic look.

Slowing down...

I had forgotten to chronicle this custom order, which was finished in November (if I remember correctly), and sent to it's recipient before Christmas. (2012)
These earth-tones were a pleasure to work with...very "grounding", pun intended. ;-)

Choosing the colors...

Getting started

But, I haven't done another rug since then. I have done a number of "raggy" quilts, however for sons and grandchildren. And, lots of other sewing.

So, it was time to get back to rag-rugging! I have a LIST of rugs to do! Begone arthritis!! :-D

The finished rug

This next project is in the very beginning stages and is for a life-long friend of mine.

Jewel colors

Very, very different from the last rug.     
And, just in time to welcome Spring! :-)

Ethan and his Rainbow Rug